The project answers the need of acquiring reliable and independent data concerning the level of air pollution, which allows the society to react correctly in terms of protecting health, which is more and more at danger due to the high concentration of air pollution. It is a chance to create a precise measurement map available for everyone, by taking advantage of devices and apps at affordable prices and in pocket forms.


The system will help in making the daily decisions in terms of where to be, where to spend free time, where to train or go for a walk. It also aims at making the society aware of the scale of the problem, to impact individual actions contributing to creating smog by building a strong and actively acting community, and also to allow proper lobbying in terms of public institutions.


Portability of the sensors/scale/community – Creating an aware community, willing to actively participate in fighting pollution. The Air Matrix system will allow to gather information concerning exceeding the pollution concentration, thanks to people equipped with the devices (Alarms).


The portability, affordability, and small size of the device will allow to gather data from the current location of a given person, from a “private” zone, indoors, at home, at work, or during physical activity and movement. It will allow to research poorly accessible  areas or those located outside of cities. Enhancing the measurement map is necessary to plan actions aiming at fighting pollution.


Air Matrix is a global project which is being created in Kraków. It is being launched simultaneously in Kraków, Paris, London, and Delhi. In each of the countries, the target number of sensors is at 10 000 – 20 000 pieces. Two remarkable professors participate in the project (both in environmental terms and mechatronics).


The goal of our project is not the technology but the community, which in an ongoing and easy manner will be able to control the level of air pollution in its closest environment, but also in the environments of family and friends.


The tool is constructed in such a way as to allow for a quick exchange of information. It will include such functionalities as maps, alerts, reports, and cross-sectional information combining pollution with other phenomena or facts.


Air Matrix is ​​not just to collect data on pollutants and applying them on the map, it is also able to apply for air and non-obvious relationships between parameters, such as. number of the cars, traffic, temperature, wind, humidity etc. that implementation will be possible through the analysis of large data sets. Mobility, quantity and multi Parametrics data is possible in the configuration implemented by the Air Matrix.


We are also working on algorithms for the prediction of pollution data of urban areas based on the measured current parameters analogous to weather. In the area of ​​Big Data is our technology partners Microsoft - support cloud computing technologies - Azure - and the possibility of scalability to the world and the company Querona - dedicated to the analysis and processing algorithms Big Data.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences, in the person of Professors Andrew Skoczowski, AGH with Professor Tadeusz Uhl and Mr. Dr. Paul Paćko. Is addressed in the first stage of the test to the residents of Krakow. Ultimately, it is a global project. One of the basic component is to create a community that will have control over the process of taking data and its subsequent use. Today, our network of distributed measurement points more than 1 200 pieces. Subsequent tranches of sensors will be launched successively. They are not full-time readings, but taken here and now – where the user is.



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